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Canadian and German Groups Visit JLSS

Canadian Group in JLSSFormer co-worker at JLSS, James Friesen, (2000-2003) lead a group of students from Canada on a visit to the Middle East. The group included 24 students (Grades 11 & 12) and 4 chaperons from Westgate Mennonite Collegiate in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The group arrived to JLSS on March 3rd and stayed until April 1st. They stayed in our guest-house and visited our departments intermingling with our students. A team from the group played a basketball game with the JLSS team.
The Canadian visit coincided with another of a German ten-member group which comprised of the family and friends of EMS volunteer Lisa Dorn. We express our thanks to both groups for their kind visits and friendship to our school.
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